08 April 2011

Work in progress

A couple of days ago, as I was quietly sketching pirate ships for a new project I'm working on, my Mother (with batting eyelashes and angelic smile) sweetly declared that she would like to see what I was drawing.  To be honest, petitions of this kind usually annoy me as I much prefer to work start-to-finish without the interruption of having to explain myself and for a moment I almost found myself spitting back at her with some offhand, false comment about her voice grating violently on my ear drums.  But, as is an unfortunately rare occurrence in my life, I actually thought before acting and decided to show her exactly what my brain and hands had been concocting.  Of course she liked it (she is my Mother after all), but "Mucho Suprizo" she suggested that I let more people see the process I take when coming up with ideas.  In truth, this was nothing I'd ever thought of doing before because I have this neurotic need to not let anyone see anything but the finished product.  Maybe I think they'll judge it and decide they don't like it if they see it before it's done?  I don't know.

Anyway, I've decided to take my Mother's sagely advice and show you all just what a "work in progress" looks like for me.  Oh, and in an effort to provide you with a little advance warning, yes I do write notes to myself and no, I am not crazy.  (Besides, you know you've done it too.)

Here are a few of the most easily understood sketches in the order of their creation:

So obviously the last two images are of the "yet-to-be-painted" Pirate Ship piece.  You'll just have to trust me when I say it is going to be fabulous!  Oh, and the "little cloud that could" up in the corner is going to be a lovely shade of white, rather than an imposing gray.  He is a wishful little devil isn't he?

: )

OH!  I've just realized I've never told you, but if you want to see the images larger, you can just click on them.

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