22 March 2011

Unfinished business?

I love castles.  There's just something so mysterious about them that I can't help but imagine what life must have been like for the royal (and not-so-royal) inhabitants.  I think I've only been to one legitimate "castle" (and a few palaces), but I do like to pretend I have a pretty good idea about what the ideal fairy tale castle would look like: extensive grounds, fantastic heights, nooks and crannies, and PLENTY of mystery.

I don't know what inspired the idea for a castle painting, but I had purchased a very big (16x20) canvas and I just knew it needed something a little magical.  I love what I've come up with, but I haven't yet decided if it's done.  I mean, really, really done.

Here it is (as it exists right at this moment):

My Mom thinks it needs a dragon.  Not the dangerous fire-breathing behemoth one would expect with a fairy tale castle but probably some pleasantly plump purple reptile with the most precious set of wings you've ever seen.  I don't know that I think a dragon is what it needs, but I DO think it needs some proof of life.  I was thinking I'd just add a little robin read-breast to the stone bridge, or maybe an uninhabited medieval picnic just to the left of it.  Maybe, maybe not, but I have a feeling I'll definitely be coming back to this piece.

: )

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  1. I think this is really inspired by Carcassonne. Very nice.