19 March 2011


In case you're wondering I did spell the title "Sheps" on purpose.  (It's pronounced exactly the way it's spelled....)

So, when I moved back to Montana, I found out that my Mom had been showing my jungle paintings to everyone she could get to and as a result she had decided I needed to paint more.  I wasn't interested initially (believing my luck with the jungle paintings to be a fluke), but I let her take me to Michaels to buy more canvas and lots more paint and brushes.  I also snagged a huge sketchbook because I tend to do better with painting/drawing/designing if I can sketch it out before hand.  Well, we got home and I immediately set to sketching.  I kinda already knew I wanted to do something funny with sheep (because they're the second best animal in the world...next to giraffes and kitties) but my first sketches of the sheeps heads were looking a little martian (meaning they looked exactly like the ugliest alien face you've ever seen ever.  Not even joking, it was tragic.)  This ugly (tee hee hee) fact caused me to have a tiny little breakdown (because I have issues with perfectionism) but because of a little persistent niggling by my parents I finally worked out a style I could live with.  From there I just copied my design onto the canvases and got to painting.

Here's what I came up with:

I don't know about you, but I think sheep are hilarious.  Plus, there are A LOT of people out there who can relate to "black sheep".  That was the premise behind the whole design.  It's sort of an, "it's okay to be a silly black sheep because you'll have a ton of fun" type thing.  I don't know.  The little black sheep is making it okay to be totally yourself all the time.  Maybe it will get hung up in a little persons room and they'll be inspired to be themselves always, no matter what.

Anyway, as a side note (in case you haven't noticed yet) I like to do images in sets of three that have to be hung in a specific order.  I prefer it that way because I think it tells more of a story, and I'm sure you can tell by now just how much I love a good story....

: )

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