17 March 2011

All because of a baby

So.  If you'd have asked me last year if I had any interest (or skill for that matter) in painting, I would have laughed a little and said, "no".  I'd barely studied it in school and let's just say that my talents were a little lacking.  Quite frankly, I was rubbish.

Anyway, life has a funny way of getting me to take chances on things I would usually scoff at.  Hence this blog.  Last year I found out my brother and sister-in-law were expecting the arrival of a tiny hungry human and I knew I wanted to give him something no one else could.  I racked my brain for a long time trying to think of anything I was good at that would be an appropriate gift for a baby.  Almost immediately blankets were out because I've got these fingers that just refuse to hold onto tiny needles without impaling themselves and crocheting something wasn't going to work because, well, I have a cat....  So, I reluctantly settled on painting.

Suddenly, I was flying by the seat of my pants (which had somehow become hooked onto a light-speed rocket to Jupiter...or so it felt like....)

I had absolutely no idea what my next move should be, so I did the logical thing and trolled the aisles at my local craft store.  Unfortunately, all this did was make me feel completely inadequate so I quickly grabbed some paints, brushes, and squares of canvas and high-tailed it out of there.  (I'm not saying craft stores are intimidating or anything, it's just they're filled to the brim with too much awesomeness and sometimes it's a little hard to handle.  Truth.)

Anyway, I made it home relatively unscathed and set to work.  I knew the theme for his bedroom was going to be "Jungle", so I used that as my starting point and, after calming down a little, I began painting the animals that I thought would be the cutest (ps Giraffes are the best animal on the planet ever...next to kitties).  Here is the result of my nail-biting experience.


To be totally honest, I think my heart was beating 150 times per minute while I was painting because I was so scared to mess up.  (I know what you're thinking.  Why didn't I just realize that paint is paint and if I screw it up I can PAINT over it?  Well, I didn't think things entirely all the way through, that's why.  But I've gotten over that now so you can just stop thinking that!)

So, now I've decided that I can paint and I can make cool stuff for even cooler kids.  Oh, and obviously I blame my nephew completely for helping me realize that just because I don't think I can do something, that doesn't necessarily mean it's true.

; )

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  1. now i feel all bad thinking about your poor impaled fingers :( but other than that.....pretty sweet yo!